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Screening Applicants

Our screening begins the moment an applicant submits her application. The application is extensive and is designed for us to get to know the applicant and her employment history. After she has completed her interview(s), a background investigation is conducted, which includes references. References give us important information on how the applicant relates to children.

Upon approval of the applicant's references, a criminal background search is conducted.

Because of our rigorous application process, only about 50% of applicants are finally approved.

All of the nannies are CPR certified as well. 

Appropriate Care for Specific Ages

We have a pool of nannies we use specifically for infant and toddler care. These nannies must have four years of experience working within the age range of infancy (0-12 months) or toddlers (12 months to three years). Most of these nannies are mothers themselves or have extensive knowledge and experience working in a nanny or day

Local Family Subscriptions

We provide on going, on-call care to many local families in the Valley. Please call or use our on-line form to request general information, as well as our rates.

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